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Table View Neighbourhood Watch

Be part of a vibrant, inclusive and effective community based organisation that actively works with all law-abiding citizens and agencies, to develop a friendly, safe and caring neighbourhood where people can live, learn, work and play, without fear.


Table View Neighbourhood Watch


It didn’t take long for residents in adjacent areas of Table View to notice the change that the TVNW’s founders were creating and ever since the watch has been growing exponentially, becoming one of the largest and most successful watches in the country.


With over 700 members, of which over 400 are radio-linked and supported by our dedicated control room, the TVNW has over the years created a sophisticated network of communication and collaboration which includes working very closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS), Community Police Forum (CPF) and various law enforcement, emergency and security services.


It’s neither our size nor our sophistication, but rather our beliefs and practises that have made us a leader in the field of community safety and security. The TVNW’s motto “Become part of the solution” was derived from Mahatma Ghandi’s ethos of “Be the change you wish to see in the world” not only because we believe that the fight against crime is a community effort where individuals need to be united, but also that all challenges need to be approached peacefully to protect both dignity and life.


This belief, in part, is why the TVNW is a welcoming organisation where everyone is invited and encouraged to become a part of the solution – A place where even the smallest of duties and contributions are cherished. Although we share a duty to protect our community from harm, we also share a commitment to educate the people of Table View, empowering each and every person to not only have the wisdom to make better decisions, but to serve as leaders, further inspiring the rest to join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does TVNW Do?

The Table View Neighbourhood Watch (TVNW) is the eyes and ears of the community. Working closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Community Police Forum (CPF), the TVNW observes and reports criminal activity and is also involved with other activities including operations,visible patrolling,static patrolling and otherwise assisting SAPS in any way required.

How Many Hours Per Week Do I Need To Do?

There is no mandatory minimum hours for members and each member can decide how much or how little they do. Patrol hours includes time such as walking the dog with the family while wearing a TVNW bib, as well as more formal, organised patrols. The only requirement is that when logging time it must be for time where the member was visibly branded in TVNW gear / magnets.

How Much Does It Cost?

You will need to pay an administration fee of R170 for your police clearance during the application process, you will also receive a PVC card with your membership details which you must carry at all times whilst performing TVNW duties. In making sure that our organisation remains criminal-free, we require that police clearances be renewed annually.

Can I Pay TVNW To Patrol Past My Residence?

No, Neighbourhood Watches are not a security company and cannot be paid to monitor a property. Also our volunteers are free to patrol where they want to and focus on area’s they are interested in. TVNW will not accept payment to offer any security company service.

In Which Sector Do I Live?

The TVNW area is divided into 3 policing sectors,please refer to the map to identify the sector you reside in.

What Area Does TVNW Cover?

Basically we cover the greater Table View area from La Paloma to Dolphin Beach Hotel, Parklands North to Flamingo Vlei.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

Being part of the neighbourhood watch is totally voluntary and there is no monetary compensation. All members take the cost of being part of the watch activities on themselves. Petrol, merchandising etc is all for the member’s account.

Who Can Join TVNW?

Any person older then 18 ,who has completed school and resides or owns a business in the greater Tableview Area. An application form and police clearance needs to be completed yearly. Right of admission is reserved.

Is Patrolling Dangerous?

The TVNW is controlled and our members are given the necessary training to avoid danger. We stick in numbers and play an observation role, leaving the real action to SAPS, Metro Police and Law Enforcement.

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